Upper Room Preaching series

Specifics: Wednesday, Teen Youth Group Preaching Series

Restoring our Connection — making sure we are connected to the true source so we stay charged!Revitalizing our Relationships — as we grow in love for God, we should grow in love for people. Reclaiming our Mission — the Gospel is too good and powerful to ourselves so, as we head into the school year, we want to reclaim our mission by doing our best to reach people with the God’s truth. Teens, join Pastor Franco Martinez as he brings a challenge from God’s word to charge you up for a new school year full of a passion to live for Christ! 

Evicting Resident Evil

Specifics: Sunday Preaching Series

Although evil is resident, it must be evicted! But how are we to confront and conquer this resident evil? It strives to reach it’s tentacles around our hearts and our world through poverty, disease, and mistreatment of the vulnerability (modern day slavery). But God is greater in us than this evil in the world! We rally to comprehend, confront, and conquer it in His strength.  

Standing Firm

Wednesdays and Thursdays @6:45

Come enjoy, starting September 24th in Berlin and September 18 in Vernon, an in-depth study of I Peter. Starting with Chapter 1 and continuing each chapter at a time, we will be digging deep into what it means to truly Stand Firm.


Berlin Campus: Wednesdays 6:45 to 8:15 PM/Vernon Campus: Thursdays same time as Berlin.

“Continue to give yourself a mid-week BOOST as we watch the story of three men have an "AHA moment." We've all had moments when an insight changed everything. In this dramatic series, three modern day prodigals seek life apart from the Father and find themselves alone and desperate when they are faced with their AHA moment.”


Sunday mornings Berlin Campus

“Join Scott Lunt Sunday Mornings at 9am for Andy Stanley's: Follow.  A journey through the Gospels as he traces Jesus' teaching on what it means to follow.”