Evicting Resident Evil

Specifics: Sunday Preaching Series

Although evil is resident, it must be evicted! But how are we to confront and conquer this resident evil? It strives to reach it’s tentacles around our hearts and our world through poverty, disease, and mistreatment of the vulnerability (modern day slavery). But God is greater in us than this evil in the world! We rally to comprehend, confront, and conquer it in His strength.  

Evil and the Justice of God

Berlin Campus: Wednesdays 6:45 to 8:15 PM/Vernon Campus: Thursdays same time as Berlin.

“How can God exist in a world of skyrocketing violence and shocking exploitation? Walking us through this troubling puzzle, N.T. Wright explores 21st century turmoil and the definition of evil from Old and New Testament perspectives---then examines what Christians can do about it.”