What is a Tithe? 

The Church and all facilities used during events, church services, and other activities, are supported and better able to minister to you and to those in need when you give in this area.

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What is Missions?

There are more than 7,000 Unreached People Groups around the world. Assemblies of God World Missions engages 310 of those groups. As an AG church, we support our AG missionaries by blessing them financially in order that the Gospel may be spread around the world.

What is a Special Offering?

Our financial team will sometimes put time and money toward specific events or issues for the church. This is an above and beyond fund! Any money donated toward this category will go towards the most pressing need or a larger purchase for our facility.

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       We are extremely grateful to anyone who might have donated to the missions trip for Honduras. Your aid helped us do much needed work down there. We, and Honduras, thank you for your support.

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