Operation Drumstick

NYSUM 2018

We, as a church, will be going down again to NYSUM (the New York School of Urban Ministries) on the weekend of November 10th. We’ll be going down for a weekend of outreach to the largest homeless community in America with over 14% of America’s homeless residing in New York city, many of which are children. On this trip, we will: travel around looking for homeless to give blankets and food to, feeding them a thanksgiving meal all day Saturday, and giving out love and joy in whatever way we can to a few of the many homeless shelters down there.

If you would like to go on this trip, please email our coordinator Diane here. Simply say that you’d like to go, give your contact info, and we’ll get back to you usually within one business day.

Can’t wait to see what this weekend has in store for us and New York. God’s doing some cool things and you are welcome to join in.

NYSUM 2017

We as a church went down to New York City for a weekend to distribute blankets, clothing, and also to feed the homeless a Thanksgiving meal. This occurred the weekend of Nov. 10th.

nysum food truck

Leaving here on a Friday afternoon, Pastor and a group of ten other people traveled down together to NYC, got into the rooms (provided by the New York School of Urban Ministry or NYSUM), enjoyed a dinner together, and then went out to distribute warm blankets and clothing to the homeless on a chilly November night.  Saturday, we distributed Thanksgiving meals throughout the day helping to show care and love to about 5,000 homeless people in need.  On Sunday, we went and enjoyed a service at Brooklyn Tabernacle and then headed home. 

Thank you to all who signed up and came. We had a marvelous time reaching a community in need and will hopefully be doing it again.